About Us


Back in 1999 after spending years in the motorcycle industry Sick Boy was created or born if you will. It started with a comment that let to the making of our original Sick Boy t-shirt. We made this original Sick Boy t-shirt and sold it along with the typical motorcycle shop gear (leather jackets, vests, and gloves). We really didn’t think much about this one shirt until people kept coming back asking for it. That’s when we decided to add another Sick Boy t-shirt and that ended up getting the same response, people loved it. We added a few more designs and started phasing out the leather jackets and such.

At this time we realized that there was a serious calling for a women’s line that would go with the Sick Boy line. That's when we decided to start the Sick Bitch line for women. This too went crazy and was loved by everybody who came into our spot. At this time we really realized that we had a good thing and we could really do something with this. So, we decided to liquidate all of the “biker” clothing and accessories we had always sold and concentrate on building a brand. We pounded the pavement doing 35-40 shows a year. We printed our own bags and handed out postcards with our website to every customer. The brand just kept growing.


In 2004 we realized that we were missing some of the markets. Not everyone wanted the Sick Boy brand which was and still is a little hardcore for some, especially since we don’t sell a shirt with Sick Boy that doesn’t have a skull on it. That's when Sickies Garage was born. Starting from the nickname “Sickie” we came up with the name and started marketing this brand as more of a car-oriented brand. The Sickies Garage shirts have funny slogans, and no skulls so it appeals to everyone including the loyal Sick Boy fans.

With our determination and loyal customers, we have continued to grow. To date we have a beautiful store on Main Street in Deadwood, SD, and have licensed our Sickies Garage name to a group that has put together over a half-dozen killer car-themed restaurants/bars in the midwest. None of this would be possible without our dedicated and loyal customers who have been with us through this long crazy ride.


Misty & Doug